Ripe Plantain (Pack of 5)

Ripe Plantain (Pack of 5)

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Ripe Plantain (Pack of 5)

Fresh Ripe Plantain 

Pack of 5

Yellow plantains are characterized by the age of the fruit. They are essentially at the middle stage of the fruit's maturity. Yellow plantains have a slightly firm and starchy texture, mild, almost insipid flavor and lower sugar content. If a Yellow plantain is left to ripen, it will develop a sweet taste and its color will change from yellow to black.

Plantains, botanical name Musa paradisiaca, are the fruit of the same species as bananas as there are no clear distinctions between bananas and plantains other than bananas are for fresh eating and plantains are considered cooking bananas. Plantains are a staple food in tropical regions, sustaining large populations in developing countries. They are the tenth most important staple that feeds the world.

Yellow plantains are often mashed, grilled over coals and baked due to their stage of maturity. They are the choice plantain for caramelizing, often as a sweet addition to savory dishes, especially in Caribbean cuisines, specifically Cuban. Yellow plantains are complimented by ingredients such as coconut, vanilla, cream, melting cheeses, chiles, citrus, chicken, pork, black beans, pineapple, mango, shrimp, tofu and herbs such as cilantro and mint.

Plantains are a Latin American and Caribbean staple.

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