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Puregro White Spirit Vinegar, 5 Litres

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Puregro White Spirit Vinegar, 5 Litres


Puregro White Spirit Vinegar - 5 Litres

Spirit Vinegar (White)

5 Litres

Puregro White Spirit Vinegar is perfect for Pickling, Cooking, Marinating, Cleaning, Baking & Making Sauces, Cheese & the List continues...

Ideal for spiced vinegars, light coloured fruit & vegetable pickling.

Puregro Spirit Vinegar is an amazing versatile product in the market. This product is loved by chefs and foodies alike. It's Perfect for pickling, marinating, making sushi rolls and many more! On other side its also suitable for all cleaning purposes. Furthermore, it is also effective in getting rid of Garden Weeds, Odours, Limescales to name a few.


Spirit Vinegar

5% Acidity

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Great Quality Product by Puregro

Product of the UK